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Chamfering Tool Demonstration

Demonstration Key features

  • Cutting and chamfering Cordless Handheld power tool
  • Alternative to traditional hand saw and file method and manual, bench-based specialist tools.
  • Quick and easy powered cutting and chamfering of 110mm plastic waste pipe
  • Cutting and chamfering where ever you need it
  • Even the off-cut section is chamfered!
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Powered Cutting and Chamfering in 3 easy steps

attaching battery to tool

Step 1

Attach the WPT Chamfer clamp and battery to the power unit

attaching tool to pipe

Step 2

Attach WPT Chamfer Clamp to waste pipe taking care to correctly align clamp rollers with pipe.

chamfering waste pipe

Step 3

Engage Carbide- tungsten tipped cutter and smoothly turn waste pipe to cut and chamfer.

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