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Cutting and Chamfering Tool

The WPS110 Cutting & Chamfering cordless power tool cuts and chamfers 110mm soil pipe quickly, easily and in a location that suits you.

In one simple operation waste pipe can be simultaneously cut and chamfered where ever required.

Both the cut and off-cut sections of pipe are chamfered during the operation reducing waste material.

handheld chamfering tool chamfering tool specs
Demonstration Specifications

Why other cutting and chamfering tools can’t compete

No other dedicated cutting and chamfering tool has the convenience of the handheld WPS110 cordless power tool.

Cutting and chamfering in the traditional manner, with saw and file, is still the most popular method – but it is often a slow laborious process made worse if done outside in poor weather.

Other tools are available but most require fixture to a workbench and ungainly manual operation.

The WPS110 is currently the only hand operated, cordless power tool for cutting and chamfering 110mm soil pipe.

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