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About Us

chamfering toolWilson Power Tools have created Cutting & Chamfering cordless power tools in response to their dissatisfaction with existing tools during years of experience in the building and renovation trade.

Cutting and chamfering the old fashioned way

Although technology and materials have advanced in the building and plumbing industries, we were struck that the most common method for cutting and chamfering waste pipe remains a saw and file.

The task of manually sawing and filing pipes also commonly takes place outside – which can be hard work in bad weather.

What’s wrong with existing chamfering tools?

There are existing cutting and chamfering tools on the market – but none have the convenience of a hand held cordless power tool.

Most of these tools must be attached to a workbench, where soil pipe must be inserted and then the tool operated manually.

This also means that the pipe must be taken to the tool, rather than the pipe being cut and chamfered in where it’s going to be fitted.

WPT’s Solution: A hand operated power tool

The WPS110 Cutting & Chamfering cordless power tool is the result of years of research, design and development.

It lets you efficiently cut and chamfer 110 mm waste pipe in one simple operation taking wherever it suits you. It even chamfers the off-cut!

Watch the Cutting and Chamfering tool demonstration to see just how quick and easy cutting and chamfering can be!

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